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My Class to The xx's "Heart Skipped a Beat"

For my last class as Movement Lifestyle's June Contemporary teacher, I wanted to teach to another song by The xx. I was in the mood for something light-hearted with a medium tempo, and ended up choosing "Heart Skipped a Beat" from the group's debut album.

I was joined in class by the beautiful Diana Schoenfield, a fellow dancer on Entity Contemporary Dance Company and a third year Dance student at UC Irvine. :

It's hard to admit, but as someone who is very new to the teaching scene in LA (it's been 6 months!) I get nervous thinking about whether or not people will show up to class. I've had long conversations with my peers and other teachers about my insecurities, and they always try to assuage my doubts with a few theories on the culture of class taking in LA. Regardless, I enjoy creating movement and sharing it with others!

And that is why I love when my friends come to class. It takes the pressure and edge off, and it's an incredible feeling watching someone I respect do my choreography. Diana is particularly breathtaking to watch. She has a way of being very subtle and articulate all the while being intense and engaging. Definitely peep her stuff on her Youtube channel or go to UCI and watch her in a show!

Thank you again to Movement Lifestyle for having me teach this month, and of course much gratitude to Diana for dancing with me last Thursday.

I'll still be subbing at Edge Performing Arts Center, and my next class is Tuesday (July 2) at 2:30. Hope to see you there!

My Class to Purity Ring's "Fineshrine"

My newest musical obsession is the Canadian synthpop duo, Purity Ring:

No they are not a Christian band singing about chastity (as some of you may assume based on the band name). Rather, their music is a lovely marriage of lucid vocals by Megan James and electro-house instrumentals by Corin Roddick. I discovered them at Coachella back in April.

I was so inspired by their music that I decided to teach my latest classes to their song, "Fineshrine". Check out me and my amazingly talented friends Judson Emery and Adrian Lee in class at Movement Lifestyle

As always, I am honored when my peers join me in class. They bring a different kind of life to the movement and sometimes interpret the music in a way that I would never have thought to. 

Thank you Judson and Adrian for gracing me with your talents!

My Boogiezone Class to Haim's "Don't Save Me"

I taught my third Boogeizone Contemporary class this past Wednesday at Focus Dance Center in Irvine, CA:

And while some of you may have considered my comment regarding my obsession with choreographing to Haim's music a joke, it wasn't. So here it is. My choreography to the last song in my small but powerful Haim music library:

Thankfully, the Haim sisters recently tweeted about a much anticipated (at least to me) release of a new EP! I look forward to hearing the jams these groovy ladies will come up with next.

Photo courtesy of Haim/Twitter
Thank you so much to Elm Pizarro, Boogiezone, and all the wonderful dancers who came to class (especially Marissa Osato and Will Johnston) for your continued support. I hope I'll be back at Boogiezone soon!