Vocal Adrenaline

Glee Season 5 Premiere: An Ode to the Beatles

5 years after graduating from Homestead High School I found myself back in high school again; this time at the fictitious Carmel High as a part of the hit TV series, "Glee." Since my youthful looks have not left me yet I have been able to portray a 15-year-old glee club member over the years. Check out the pieces that Vocal Adrenaline was a part of during the series premiere (9/26/2013):


"All You Need is Love"
The Vocal Adrenaline ladies
Vocal Adrenaline
"Glee" is probably one of the funnest sets to be on, and head choreographers Brooke Lipton and Mandy Moore are a wonderful pair to dance for. Vocal Adrenaline is known for its insane lifts and its army-like precision, and I never know what to expect when I step into rehearsal. The partner work is generally physically demanding and gravity defying, and I attribute much of my partnering experience to the show.

Can't wait to see what this season has in store for you Gleeks out there!