Verizon Center

NYC for a Week, Salesperson for a Day

The Yeezus tour has slowly been winding up and down the east coast since our first post-hiatus show in Philly. We spent a week in NYC, with two shows at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, one show at the Verizon Center in DC, and two more shows at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan. During this time I made sure to do all the regular New York-y things I usually do:

Saw Darby in D.C. 
Danced with Cindy Salgado 
Clubbed in NYC
Hung out with Reed and Robbie
Watched Fuerza Bruta

Met up with an old friend from LA, Kyle Hanagami

But in addition to my usual adventures I also had another task to accomplish: to talk to local businesses about

Clnli is a brilliant new idea that partners with businesses in an area to provide people with a network of clean public bathrooms. For a nominal fee, clnli users have exclusive access to this network. You can read a mommy blog's interpretation of the service here.

I wanted to survey a handful of business in the area, and my questions included:

1) Do you have a public restroom?
2) Do you allow non-customers to use your restroom?
3) Have you considered charging non-customers to use your restroom?
4) Do you think clnli is something your business would be interested in?

I thought being a salesperson was an easy job; on the contrary, it was incredibly challenging. Of the 6 businesses I talked to, only 1 was willing to answer my questions. Many of the businesses did not have managers on site or were very rude and waved me off.

Normally, I love talking to people. But during my short stint as a salesperson I felt like people thought I was annoying, and the feeling of rejection was exhausting. After a while I just stopped trying.

The irony of it all was that throughout my stay in NY I was in dire need of a service like clnli. There were few businesses willing to open up their bathrooms to a non-customer like myself, and I ended up sneaking into a few Starbucks bathrooms a few times.

While I'm not completely opposed to the idea of pitching clnli to more businesses in the future, I think I'll have to rethink my strategy. NY was a bit of a bust, but then again I have 14 more cities for me to practice being a salesperson.

Check out, and sign up if you're interested! I'm definitely signing up to take advantage of a special promotion they are having during which the first wave of participants receive 4 additional months free (instead of 2 months for $20, I'll receive 6 months for $20).