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The Daily Bruin is the student-run newspaper at UCLA. It details important events and news that occur on and around campus. I always made sure to grab a copy of the day's paper at Ackerman Student Union when I was at UCLA to stay up-to-date with the goings-on in Westwood.

In 2010 the paper did an article on me that described my journey as a student and profesional dancer. The writer knew of me through a mutual friend and was curious to know more about my experiences. I was really excited to have my "story" documented and felt that she did a great job.

A few weeks ago, a Daily Bruin writer contacted me and expressed interest in doing a piece on my travels with Nicki Minaj. I was honored to be featured again in the "Arts and Entertainment" section of the paper last week:

While the piece in 2010 looked at my career from a broader standpoint, this article focused on a specific gig that I did after graduating from college. Until last week, I hadn't thought much about the job except that I was very proud to have been on a tour. But the writer, Karli Komoto, dug deeper beyond the surface. Her questions made me think about the tour's significance and helped me understand why touring for Nicki means so much to me as a professional dancer. You can read the awesome article here.

Thank you Karli, Blaine Ohigashi (photographer), and all the wonderful staff at Daily Bruin!