Laura Marling

Entity Dance Company

We are back in full swing for another two weeks on the Yeezus Tour, and while this leg of tour is very short I will nonetheless be thinking about all the wonderful comforts of home.

One part of my LA life that will definitely be on my mind is my Entity Dance Company family:

I was invited to join Entity Dance Company by co-directors Marissa Osato and Will Johnston when it was first established in 2009. Since then the company has come to be one of my mainstays of life in LA; through all the chaos of college and instability of the commercial industry, Entity remains as constant and supportive as my own family.

The company "establishes a unique approach to fusing contemporary, hip-hop, modern, and ballet, and celebrates creative exploration to push visual artistry to its limits" (via Facebook). The company holds auditions for new members once a year, and this year I was given the opportunity to teach at the audition workshops with my dear friend Tess Hewlett:

Our audition flier
Happenstance matching during a creative session
Intentional outfit coordination on audition day
Tess and I have uniquely dissimilar instincts, but that made it even more fun to collaborate with her:

Entity has performed in a multitude of community dance events such as Vibe, Urban Paradise, and Ultimate Brawl. But this year the company is focusing on doing something it has never done before: putting on its own full length show. Marissa and Will will be orchestrating and choreographing the entire event on the 18 company members. The show is set to debut in November 2014, and we could not be more excited!

Over the next few months, Entity will be holding fundraiser workshops at various studios and locations around California. Stay up to date with these events via our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and website!