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Half Marathon Training: Week 4 Wrap Up

My friends and I have attempted several times to sign up for a half marathon together, but our schedules have always been out of sync. In fact, I intended on running the Santa Barbara Half Marathon last year with a few friends but was out of town working right up until the day before the race. I ended up going as a cheerleader:

It was especially exciting, then, when about a month ago we all agreed on and signed up for a half marathon together. On January 19, 2014, I along with a handful of close friends will attempt the Carlsbad Half Marathon.

I'm following a simple training schedule that I found online:

And even though we are on the road and traveling about every single day, I haven't found it at all challenging to keep up with this schedule. On the contrary, I find comfort in having a fixed activity to look forward to in the mornings. It is also a unique and efficient way to explore the city in which we are performing. Here are a few sights I've seen while on my runs:

Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Philadelphia, Pennyslvania

Boston, Massachusetts 
Washington D.C. 
Kansas City, Missouri
Rice University 
Rice University
Houston, Texas
Surprisingly, one of the more challenging aspects of training has not been the lengths of the runs, but rather having to adjust to the different climates and temperatures of each city. I made sure to bring a variety of running attire with me (with a heavy emphasis on winter training clothes); but nothing could really prepare me for the weather in Nasvhille, Tennessee. At 21 degrees Fahrenheit, I could almost feel my sweat turning instantaneously into icicles.

The big day is still about 6 weeks away, but I already know for certain that no matter how cold Carlsbad will be that weekend, I'll be prepared. 

New Things in Nashville and a Thanksgiving in Miami

Nashville, Tennessee: Probably close to the bottom of my list of places that I would see myself exploring and enjoying.

But despite my initial reservations surrounding the "coolness" of this southern city, I ended up really liking the parts of Nashville that I saw.

We arrived to the city of music on the evening of the 25th after a long 14 hour bus ride from NYC. I was so happy to be off the bus, and darted to the first food spot I could find. Lucie and I stumbled on Merchants on Broadway. It had a cool upscale yet hipster vibe, and the food was delicious. After that we headed to Beer Sellar, where in true dive bar fashion we played pool and drank beers.

The next morning I decided to venture out on my own. I purchased an all day bus pass for an easy $5.25 and took the Nashville MTA a few stops from downtown to East Nashville. I grabbed a light snack at Turnip Truck, and picked up a cool vintage sweater at The Hip Zipper. I even took the bus into West End to snoop around Vanderbilt:

A quaint health foods store
Back entrance to The Hip Zipper 
Rainy views from the bus
That evening Erin and I stopped by Corsair Distillery and experienced a tasting of their finest spirits:

My delicious cocktail
Quinoa whiskey? Wish I had bought a bottle!
After our show the next night we endured another long bus ride. Miami is about 14 and a half hours away from Nashville, and with the time difference it felt even longer:

View from the bus en route to Miami
Though we spent the better part of our Thanksgiving Day on the bus, the entire crew gathered together for a lovely meal provided by our production team:
The ladies
My twin for the evening
A veggie Thanksgiving meal
Though I didn't spend my Thanksgiving in a traditional manner, it was spent with a group of people whom I would now consider my family on the road. Spending Thanksgiving in Miami also reminded me to be grateful for the people who, despite not being with them physically, are always with me in my thoughts.