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Braxon vs. Oregon: A Life Changing Trial

The U.S. justice system is unfamiliar territory to me. I've eluded jury duty for the past seven years, I've never been arrested, and I've yet to be tied up in a legal battle. There is something mysterious about the courtroom setting, and my lack of experience has kept me intrigued.

So imagine my excitement when I was summoned this year to serve as a juror for a major murder trial taking place in San Francisco, CA. The case asks some impossible questions surrounding love, the meaning of family, and morality versus legality. It is emotional and complex, and has thus far been a life changing experience.

Okay. Maybe I'm talking about a fictional trial.

Braxon vs. Oregon is Entity Contemporary Dance's inaugural full length show. It premiered at the Hudson Backstage Theatre in Los Angeles, CA in November 2014. After four sold out shows, the production went on to do five more sold out encore performances in January 2015. To quote LA Weekly, Braxon vs. Oregon is a "contemporary dance drama... examining Annette Braxon, who is brought to trial after assisting the suicide of a loved one suffering from a terminal illness."

The production seamlessly integrates intricate and powerful choreography into the story and avoids being cheesy or confusing. Directors and choreographers Marissa Osato and Will Johnston manage to physicalize human emotions in a relatable yet artistic way. Braxon vs. Oregon demonstrates how "commercial" dance qualities can meet the concert world. While dynamic and musical, there is an abstract quality to the movement. Marissa and Will tell a passionate story with a clear and defined voice.

And now, Braxon vs. Oregon is headed to the Bay Area. This is very exciting for a multitude of reasons, one of them being that it is a step toward our goal of making Entity Contemporary Dance a touring company. This run of shows in SF is an opportunity for us to introduce our work to a non-LA audience.

Furthermore, it gives me the opportunity to be a part of the magic. I was out of town during the LA premiere in 2014, and I wasn't in the encore performances earlier this year. I was so ecstatic when I found out we were taking the show up north, and to my hometown no less.

Rehearsal on 9/30

I know there are plenty of things to do in San Francisco on any given weekend, and October 10-11 is no exception. You could attend the San Francisco Dance Film Festival or the 5th Annual Yerba Buena Night. Both are fine ways to spend an evening, but I urge you to consider attending Braxon vs. Oregon at the Dance Mission Theater.

Braxon vs. Oregon is a master piece created by two of Southern California's freshest choreographers, and features some of Los Angeles' most talented dancers. We've even recruited the multi-talented and captivating MATT CADY, who most recently contributed choreography to Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour, as our judge.

This production is really not one to be missed. After all, it will be my first time stepping into a court room.

Join me, won't you?

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