Alabama Shakes

Mood Mondays - Episodes 5 and 6

I know I've been slacking on updating my blog with my Mood Monday episodes, but here are the brief synopses for Episode 5 and Episode 6:

Episode 5: "H.S.K.T" by Sylvan Esso
Mood: Jittery and excited
Location: Echo Park Lake
Videographer: +Selina Ruthe 

Selina mentioned a few days prior to us filming Episode 5 how she wanted to see me do a more playful Mood Monday. And I was of course up to the challenge. We filmed this one the night before I left for my Barcelona trip, and I was naturally feeling jittery and excited. I heard Sylvan Esso for the first time on KCRW, and then caught them live at Coachella Weekend 2 late in April. Their album had been on repeat shuffle for the 2 or 3 weeks, and I immediately thought of this song because of it's upbeat tempo. 

Episode 6: "Gimme All Your Live" by Alabama Shakes
Mood: Messy and desperate
Location: Koreatown
Videographer: +Selina Ruthe 

Alabama Shakes is a strong contender for New Favorite Artist of 2015 for me. I also heard them for the first time on KCRW, and then fell head over heels in love after watching their performance at Coachella. The only way I can describe this song is through a coloring analogy: It sounds like someone coloring so intensely and passionately that it's as if the lines of the picture don't even exist. The wildness of Brittany Howard's voice is magical, rough, and beautifully desperate.