The Return of #AdventureswithKaren

As a freelance dancer/choreographer/teacher, I often get asked: 

"What does your day to day look like?"

It's a very simple question and most people have an answer. Perhaps it's a gym session in the morning, work from 9-5, dinner at home, and then Netflix on the couch with the boyfriend. 

I, however, have noticed that nearly every year since I've lived in Los Angeles (including the ones at UCLA) has been distinct and unique. I recognize some consistent elements (running, yoga, etc.), but even those activities change based on the type and amount of work I do in that particular year. Very few days are scheduled identically, and I would hardly call myself a creature of habit. 

And this year is no exception. Since last November I've been busy teaching and choreographing all across the country and internationally with Hollywood Vibe, Elite Dance Productions, and by invitation from independently owned dance studios. In the 8 years that I've been in LA I have never devoted so much time to creating or teaching. 

Kent and I at Hollywood Vibe Nationals

I've failed miserably at documenting these new experiences on my blog, but they have been incredibly fulfilling and eye-opening for me. I've noticed how much I enjoy creating my own material, how much I value connecting with the students, and how empowered I feel when offering advice to soon-to-be professional dancers or college-goers. The dance education world has shown me a whole new side of dance/choreography that I have never seen before.

Now, after a whirl wind convention season and a stacked summer filled with teaching/choreographing I am embarking on two new adventures: 1) Performing and teaching for the first time as a company with Entity Contemporary Dance in Hong Kong and Singapore and 2) participating in a month long yoga training in Bali. Sandwiched in between those two events will be a two week trip to Japan and Taiwan with my good friend Will. 

The return of extended international travels means more opportunities to experience new sights, tastes, and sounds. It also means the return of #AdventureswithKaren, which started as a silly hashtag/photo idea two years ago that turned into a consistent way for me to share my explorations with friends back home in the U.S (click here for the full story). 

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore
I've now been in Singapore for one and a half days and have been lucky to explore:

Marina Bay Sands
Glutton Bay
Mount Faber Park
Gardens by the Bay - Cloud Forest
Bugis Junction

And that is just the beginning of what will be an event-filled two months. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with me as I traverse through Asia!