Mood Mondays - Episode 10

Even though we're releasing Mood Mondays - Episode 20 today, I'll be posting older episodes onto my blog starting with where we left off (Episode 10).

I like looking back and remembering what head space I was in during specific episodes/weeks. Back in July, I was wanting to journey down a new path. And 10 weeks later, after a multitude of experiences (good and bad), I still feel very much excited about shifting my career trajectory.

Especially after The Unique CAMP (more on my experience later), I feel confident and energetic about where I want to take myself with dance and choreography.

So without further ado, here is a mood I felt over two months ago and a feeling I still feel to this very day:

Episode 10: "Easy (Switch Remix)" by Son Lux ft. Lorde
Mood: Ready to Journey Down a New Path
Location: Griffith Park
Videographer: Selina Ruthe