Mood Mondays - Episode 2

Mondays usually go by in a flash. Do you remember how you were feeling on any particular Monday? 

I definitely do, as demonstrated by last week's episode (Episode 2) of my new passion project, "Mood Mondays": 
Episode 2: "All Day" by Kanye West
Mood: Powering through exhaustion
Location: Silverlake, CA 
Videographer: Selina Ruthe 

Here's a little refresher on what "Mood Mondays" is:

"Every week, I choose a different song that demonstrates my mood in that particular moment and freestyle to it. As mentioned in my last post: "The purpose of these videos isn't to help me show off big fancy tricks (because let's be real, I don't have any). Instead, these videos provide a way for me to practice purposeful freestyling."

I've always been attracted to songs with heavy beats and that have more aggressive undertones. So when I first heard this track I was really interested in knowing how I could move to it in my own way. 

Yeezy's raps exudes angst and struggle, and it matched really well with how I was feeling in that moment. There were specific moments that really caught my attention, like the way he says: 

I don't let them play with me,
I don't let them talk to me no kind of way
They better watch what they say to me

That was definitely a moment that I found to be particularly fun to make movement to. 

Another big part of this video is the man of the house and ruler of the apartment, Charlie the dog: 
Charlie doing what he does best
Charlie always seems to be struggling through a little exhaustion, so it only seemed appropriate that he be a part of last Monday's video. 

Stay tuned for this week's Mood Mondays on my Youtube Channel!