#AdventureswithKaren: Episode Europe

For the past few weeks I've been criss crossing all over Europe, staying in different cities for a few days at a time. Before this I'd only been to the United Kingdom and France, so I was excited to explore new European countries. 

Because of the brevity of my visits there isn't too much to say about most of the cities. I'll share a few anecdotes here and there, but this post will be mainly photos. Enjoy! 

Brussels, Belgium:
Brussels was celebrating "Car Free Sundays" when I was in town, so the streets were bustling with life. I felt a very strong sense of community while I was roaming around:

Enjoying a Belgian Waffle by the Manequin Pis

Suited up with Montana

St. Michel Cathedral

Amsterdam, Holland:
Amsterdam has quite a few idiosyncrasies including the strong biking culture, the infamous "coffee" shops, and the beautiful cityscape. But perhaps the most unique, and in my opinion grotesque, part about this city is the Red Light District. I barely made it 5 minutes in the area before hopping back on my bike and leaving. Note to self: The Red Light District is not a place where a woman feels empowered. 

Picturesque canal

Alchemist Garden - A raw/vegan restaurant

My club sandwich

Meditating in Vondelpark

Oslo, Norway:
Without a doubt, Oslo is one of the most expensive cities I've visited so far. Sloan, Montana, and I visited a health foods cafe, and my ginger latte cost me a whopping 8USD. Also noteworthy is Frogner Park, home to an interesting collection of phallic and suggestive statues:


Interesting statues at Frognerpark

Stockholm, Sweden:

Inside the Royal Swedish Opera House

Beautiful architecture in Gamla Stan (Old Stockholm)

Visiting Anthony during his rehearsals with the Royal Swedish Ballet

Hamburg, Germany:

Couldn't get enough of Planten Un Blumen Park

Prague, Czech Republic:

Lennon Wall

View of the Charles Bridge

Views from the Prague Castle

Cologne, Germany:

Locks of Love in Cologne

Berlin, Germany:

East Side Gallery in Berlin

Holocaust Memorial


More to come on my European adventures!