#AdventureswithKaren: Episode Melbourne

I have fond memories of Melbourne and was expecting nothing less than awesomeness from Australia's "second city". 

On the night that we arrived, Montana, Sloan, and I checked out Lucky Coq and Revolver Upstairs, two bars that are local favorites. Both are located on Chapel Street south of the river and seemed to be filled with Melbourne's young and well-dressed hip crowd. Bearded lads wearing earth toned beanies and chino pants were downing cold beers, and for a second I felt like I was back in Silverlake! 

A little photoshoot at Revolver Upstairs

Degraves Street in the city is packed with restaurants and cafes including my personal favorite, The Organic Food and Wine Deli (TOFWD). TOWFD's tasty selection of salads, sandwiches, and sweet treats sustained me on my last trip in Melbourne. I was quite keen (there's a bit of Aussie slang for you) on visiting again:
Kale salad and coffee from TOFWD

There is also a flourishing vegan community in Collingwood and Fitzroy, two neighborhoods within walking distance of the main city center. I popped into Las Vegan in Collingwood on my way to Gertrude Street:

T&T Wrap with avocado

I made a new local friend, Shona, at Las Vegan and she highly recommended I try Vegie Bar on Brunswick Street: 
Virtuoso Pizza

Collingwood and Fitzroy are areas in which I feel more at home. These neighborhoods are a bit more urban compared to the main the city:

But even so, taking a stroll down Flinders Street in the main city is not unlike taking a stroll down 1st Avenue in the Lower Eastside of Manhattan. What impresses me most about Melbourne is its apparent love for art and design. I happened on a design event, Local Talent Time, that supposedly had displays set up all over Melbourne, and even discovered a small gallery, Craft, that features goods made my local artists:

Craft Gallery on Flinders Lane

There is also, of course, the famed Hosier Lane:

The more I travel the more I become excited by the idea of living abroad. Melbourne is a city in which I could see myself living for a period of time. While I am currently tied to LA, who knows where the future will take me? For now I'll just have to enjoy this time in my life and take advantage of this gypsy life. 

On to Brisbane and Sydney!