The Hollywood Dance Career Show

When I was younger I used to imagine what dancing professionally would be like. I knew very little about the commercial/entertainment industry, and envisioned myself doing more contemporary-based work in the company world. In fact, I was about 90% certain that I was going to attend Tisch School of the Arts at NYU after being accepted into their dance program:

Some serious contemporary improv with my TDC teammates
Obviously, my professional career took a very different turn. 

Over the last 5 years I've gained a deeper understanding of what it means to be a professional dancer in the commercial world. However, much like how high school prepared me for college, I wish I had gone through some kind of preparedness program for the LA dance scene. 

This is where something like The Hollywood Dance Career Show would have come in handy. 

The Hollywood Dance Career Show is an online resource for dancers specifically working in LA. Spearheaded by industry veteran Courtney Miller, the site offers a variety of informative podcasts and blogposts. Already, the site boasts interviews with industry giants like Brian Friedman and Tony Testa. 

I was honored when Courtney asked to interview me; he was interested in knowing how I managed to attend and graduate from UCLA all the while pursuing a dance career. You can hear the interview here

I am a big fan of podcasts ("This is Interesting" with Matt Miller and "Left, Right, and Center" with Warren Olney, both of which are on KCRW/NPR, are two of my personal favorites) because I can learn more about someone or something directly from the source.

I will definitely be frequenting The Hollywood Dance Career website regularly for informative posts on dance related topics!