Grey's Anatomy: My First Televised Flash Mob

Who ever thought that a hit drama series like "Grey's Anatomy" would hire dancers?

I sure didn't.

And that is one of the reasons why I was thrilled a few weeks ago to dance on the show. Another reason why I was so excited for this project was because it was my first time working with the genial and warm Tyce Diorio:

Me and Tyce :)
Between 2008 and 2009 I had the chance to assist Tyce in a few cities when I was an Elite Protege for The Pulse on Tour. I also had the opportunity a few years ago to be a part of the creative process for his amazing piece on breast cancer on "So You Think You Can Dance". However, I have never gotten to work for him in a professional setting. Tyce is wonderfully energetic and creates a positive atmosphere for his dancers. Here is the special flash mob scene he choreographed for "Grey's Anatomy":

Tyce is an incredibly accomplished dancer and talented choreographer, and I have admired him ever since I was a young teenager. It was special for me to reflect while on the "Grey's Anatomy" set the days when I took his class at Company Dance and the times I assisted him on The Pulse. It's crazy to think that I've known him for nearly a decade!

Another great part of the project was working alongside some industry veterans. Some have been working dancers since before I even started dancing, and many have seen the dance world morph into what it is today. It was fascinating hearing their take on the way dancers currently approach the art form. Youtube and the internet have affected dancers' lives, from the way we share our choreography to the way we approach class taking. There were some enthralling conversations on emerging dance styles and the recent proliferation of job opportunities for dancers.

Overall, I had an amazing time working with the eclectic group!