An Adventure to Remember: Coachella

Coachella is the music lover's mecca.

Yes I paid both arms and legs for my special yellow wristband, but it was well worth it! Not only were the performances amazing but the overall experience of Coachella was also incredible. Who knew that camping in a dusty desert for 3 days and 2 nights could be so fun?

Team Coachella ended up being a wonderful mashup of school friends and non-school friends:

Jeka, Kelly, Dana, Angela, Stephanie, Maria, and I all got cozy in one campsite. While it wasn't uncomfortable having two tents on one plot, it would've been even better if we had another little plot on which to set up a "hang out" area.

One of the most memorable moments of the trip was when Jeka, Kelly, and I were about half a mile away from the campgrounds. Dana called to remind us of the "no glass" policy, and all three of us looked at each other in surprise. Of course none of us had read the fine print! We immediately pulled off to the side of the road and did what we had to do. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

The next morning I was awoken by the following: 1) Our next door neighbors talking loudly about ways in which they'd like to die 2) the disgusting heat and 3) the neighbors across from us blaring dub step music. After a few refreshments we headed into the venue for an unexpectedly long day:

Can you tell we're exhausted at 6PM?
On the second day we tried conserving our energy by starting the day a little later. My absolute FAVORITE set was The xx. I've been in love with their music for a few years and I listen to them nearly every single day. Hearing them live was one of the most magical experiences I've had to date: 
These guys...
Getting buck at 2 Chainz
Heart literally skipped a beat watching The xx
And I don't know how, but we managed to stay alive for a third and final day of music euphoria. One of the greatest parts of Coachella was enjoying the festivities with new and old friends alike:
How is it that we've been to elementary, middle, high school,  AND college together? 
Fun dance friends
Marcia and Steven from the Willow camp!
My first Coachella experience was certainly one for the books!

So who's down for Coachella 2014?