My Boogiezone Class to Haim's "Don't Save Me"

I taught my third Boogeizone Contemporary class this past Wednesday at Focus Dance Center in Irvine, CA:

And while some of you may have considered my comment regarding my obsession with choreographing to Haim's music a joke, it wasn't. So here it is. My choreography to the last song in my small but powerful Haim music library:

Thankfully, the Haim sisters recently tweeted about a much anticipated (at least to me) release of a new EP! I look forward to hearing the jams these groovy ladies will come up with next.

Photo courtesy of Haim/Twitter
Thank you so much to Elm Pizarro, Boogiezone, and all the wonderful dancers who came to class (especially Marissa Osato and Will Johnston) for your continued support. I hope I'll be back at Boogiezone soon!