Wrapping Up the Pink Friday Tour: Perth, Australia

The last stop of the Pink Friday Reloaded Tour was Perth, Australia.

My only knowledge of the city is through the Bon Iver song by the same title, and I don't think that Justin Vernon is singing about the city at all. Regardless, I was excited to visit.

Though we didn't stay in the heart of downtown Perth, everything fun was still accessible. There is a free city bus that runs from the eastern part of the main road (where are hotel was located) to downtown. From there, one could take any of the 5 trains from Perth Station to any beach town or hipster neighborhood for about 4AUD.

My first stop was Northbridge, which was only a ten-minute walk from downtown Perth. I walked along William Street and stumbled upon New Edition Bookshop:

Soy Chai Latte at New Edition
The well stocked book store is full of good reads and good food. The owner, James, was very friendly and helpful. I stayed there for about an hour poring over a vegetarian cookbook while sipping on a chai latte. I also met new friend Annie who is the owner, designer, and buyer for the fashion retail shop, Tu. She graciously invited me to hang out with her and her pals that evening, and we ended up having a great time at Andaluz Bar.

The next day was a show day, meaning that we had the entire morning and afternoon to ourselves. Cara and I decided to check out the Leederville Market:

Jedis celebrate Christmas too
The Leederville Market is a typical flea market similar to the one's that exist in LA. But instead of an empty lot, the market is organized along a street with retail shops and eateries. We spent all afternoon shopping and walking around before the show.

The last show was a real celebration. Not only did it mark the end of Nicki's first arena tour, but it was also her birthday. We celebrated with fancy bottles of champagne and extravagantly large cakes:

The next day, I made a quick trip to Cottesloe Beach right before we left for the airport:

I found an amazing website that details all of the major neighborhoods in Perth, so if you ever find yourself in this Australian city check out http://weloveperth.net.au/ . It'll provide you with all of the information you need to know on where to eat, where to shop, and what to do!

And for those of you wondering: No, I did not try vegemite this time around :)