My Class to Haim's "Forever"

After nearly a whole month of teaching at Movement Lifestyle I finally found the courage to record some of my material (I did my homework Suk!). While it lacks the fancy lighting and the professionalism of those well thought out concept videos that are all the hype these days, I'm proud to post my first video of the year:

Yesterday's class, albeit small in size, was full of familiar faces and talented dancers. It was amazing to see how they interpreted what I was saying and teaching.

I was astounded to have my new healthy-treats-baking-pal, Channing Cooke, in class yesterday. She's an accomplished dancer who's been on the stage with the likes of Travis Wall's "Shaping Sounds", Florence and the Machines, and even Jennifer Lopez.

Our duet in the above video is competition-ready if I do say so myself.