A Quick Stop in Auckland, New Zealand

What better time to travel internationally than during Thanksgiving?

I took the LA Metro to Union Station and then took the Flyaway to LAX. It was kind of a grueling trip with my 25kg luggage (yes, it was 3kg overweight), but at least it was a little workout before my 24 hour travel day. My 11PM flight to New Zealand was perfectly timed. With an entire 4-seat row to myself on the 15-hour flight, I slept soundly for the first 9 hours. After the connecting flight we finally touched base in Auckland at around 5PM.

I instantly fell in love with Auckland's vibrant landscape:

Auckland's cityscape
Sunset at Albert Park
Celebrating Kelsey's birthday at Soul Bar

The next morning Cara and I jogged through the gorgeous Auckland Domain and had lunch at Raw Power Cafe:

The best surprise of the trip was getting a chance to meet up with UCLA friends Rachael and her sister Suzanne after the show on Saturday night. They both have been living in Auckland and knew all the fun spots around town. 

I wish I had more time in New Zealand to explore, but I guess I'll take what I can get.

Next stop, Australia!