Pink Friday Reloaded Tour: My First Two Weeks

Time sure is flying by, and I feel like I've been living in an alternate universe. For the past two weeks, I've been working on the job of my dreams: touring with a major recording artist as a backup dancer.

To be completely honest, I was initially very scared. The practical yet pessimistic side of me started thinking. A touring dancer has to give up her regular habits. A touring dancer doesn't have a "stable" lifestyle. And what's more, a touring dancer can't really be employed elsewhere. Now that I have to give up a stream of steady paychecks, does my struggle as a starving artist begin here?

Despite my reservations I have been having an amazing time. This is Nicki's very first arena tour and the production is complete with video content, pyrotechnics, lighting, and even background singers. The group of dancers includes: Anthony Garza, George Jones Jr., Jae Fusz, Sara Bivens, Tiffany Bain, Kelsey Park, and Cara Horibe. I feel honored to be a part of this exceptional team. Some of them have been in the industry for nearly a decade dancing for such artists as Britney Spears and Janet Jackson. As time progresses, we are becoming more and more like a family:
Straight from the 10 hour flight to rehearsal
"Pound the Alarm"
Newcastle adventuring during our break
After our first show in Nottingham
Mid-show photoshoot!
Making the most of our stay in the countryside 
With LaurieAnn Gibson, the Creative Director of the show
On my day off yesterday I explored some familiar London places including Brick Lane and Covent Gardens. Along the way, I discovered some new gems:

Food For Thought: an amazing vegetarian restaurant in  Covent Gardens. 
Onesie at Boxpark
Olympic Park
The stage

 We are performing tonight at London's O2 Arena which has the largest capacity of all the arenas. The last time I was here with Willow Smith the energy was unlike anything I've ever experienced. Can't wait!