DS2DIO: Remixed with Jillian Meyers and Clara C.

Dancers and non-dancers alike will fall in love with DS2DIO, a new dance life style channel on Youtube headed by Jon M. Chu. The channel has the feel of a television network featuring shows including, "S2DIO City", "Masterclass", "LXD",  and one of my personal favorites, "Remixed".

Recently, the astounding Jillian Meyers paired up with musician Clara C. to create a wonderful segment of "Remixed":

Jillian has a unique ability to tell a story with the most simple gestures, and her movement quality is beautiful. I can't think of any other dancer that I look up to more, and I am always impressed by her creativity and artistry. 

Check out DS2DIO and Jillian's youtube channel for more dancing!