NSU Modern at Ultimate Brawl XII

Showmanship, energy, and talent. All the necessary components of an incredible performance as demonstrated by UCLA's NSU Modern:

NSU Modern at Ultimate Brawl XII

Even though I didn't get to perform with them this year, I still consider myself very much a member of the NSU family. It was through NSU that I honed my hip-hop skills and sharpened my leadership abilities. It was also through NSU that I realized the true meaning of the word, "team".

I devoted three complete years to NSU Modern: one as a member and two as an Executive Director. The team has achieved some amazing feats in recent years, and has become a strong collegiate group. The progression since my first year is incredible:
January 2009
May 2009
 January 2010
May 2010
April 2011
This year I took a step back and took on the role of Advising Director, though I will admit that my involvement was no where near what it used to be. It brings me so much joy to see my team continue to thrive in the community.

I know that some UCLA memories will disappear from my mind as time goes on. Like that one Thursday night when I went out to Pint Night for the first time, or that sorority raid when I dressed up like Peter Pan. But my time with NSU Modern will forever be ingrained in my memory. It was as an integral part of my college experience during which I made some awesome friends and danced some awesome moves.

I'm so proud of you NSU! Whoa Modern!!!