"Fireball" by Willow Smith ft. Nicki Minaj

Willow Smith recently collaborated with Nicki Minaj for her latest song, "Fireball". We shot the music video in mid-Novemeber with choreographers Tina Landon and Jason Myhre. They are such a fun duo to work with!

Willow Smith's "Fireball"

I also had the opportunity to perform with Willow on X-Factor. I really admire Brian Friedman's work, and was especially impressed with how he, as the Creative Director, turned a regular singing competition into an interesting and entertaining production. He brought on some wonderful choreographers to contribute to the show including Bobby NewberryTessandra Chavez, and one of my personal favorites, Miguel Zarate

Willow's performance

My outfit for the show. Pants were from Opening Ceremony. Thanks Fawn.

Be sure to support Willow by buying the track on itunes!