KC in NYC: Day 4 and 5

My last two days in NYC were filled with more food and more fun.

Having had a more than full night's rest (I think we slept 10 hours), Harry and I headed to Grape and Grain for some brunch. I ordered my usual yogurt and granola:

The fruit was fresh and I liked the almond silvers, but they should have used greek yogurt instead of non-fat vanilla. The iced coffee had a wonderful nutty coffee flavor to it and was a huge upgrade on the normal watered down and flavorless kind from a coffee chain. 

After brunch Harry and I walked the High Line. It was raining, but that made it a little more romantic and fun. We ended up in a food court full of food trucks and sampled some funky kimchi tacos:

Each taco was about 5-6 inches in diameter
I had the edamame and tofu falafel kimchi taco; it might sound strange but the textures were fun and the flavors were well balanced. 

At around 11PM we headed out for dinner at Eataly. Nestled right in the Flat Iron District of New York, this place has only been open for about a month but has already built up quite the reputation. The salmon was incredible, and paired with a glass of the Sauvignon Blanc, I think I was in heaven. The overall feel of the place is casual and comfortable, and it certainly is a place you would want to take your friends. We  even made friends with the manager, Miguel. He was generous and gifted us each a glass of dessert wine. That really put the cherry on top of an already perfect sundae.