KC in NYC: Day 3

Another day in New York meant that I went on another amazing adventure.

I woke up early to try to beat the crowds at the Met. Ideally, I would've made it to the museum by 9AM and been first in line for the McQueen exhibit. Unfortunately I didn't leave my hotel until about 9:15AM and got to the museum around 9:40AM. By then the museum had closed the McQueen line to the public until further notice.

It's funny how having prior knowledge of something makes a museum experience that much better. I had taken a Classics class at school this Spring quarter, and so I learned about the various art that existed between the Bronze Age and the first few centuries AD. I got excited when I saw kraters, amphoras, and lekythos.

This was in my textbook! Sadly, I couldn't remember its name.

Rooftop of the Met

I see Lanvin and Chanel. Come on Versace, where's your book at?
I finally got into the McQueen exhibit and was blown away. This was an example of how all museum experiences should be like. It played on nearly all the senses (except for smell and of course, touch). There were 11 rooms filled with pieces from various collections during McQueen's career as a design genius. I wouldn't do the exhibit any justice trying to explain or describe it, but here is where you can get more information. After a satisfying 7 hours at the museum I strolled back to Central Park and met up with Harry. It was a surreal experience sitting in a beautiful park eating gourmet sushi at dusk on a Friday. 

Later that evening, Harry, Roxanne, Diego, and I went to PUBLIC, a Michelin rated restaurant in East Village. The food was phenomenal. I recommend the hearty lentil salad and a glass of their shiraz. Their "Manuka Mule" was also quite tasty. From there, we headed to Elsa Bar. It's a great place if you're looking for a fun setting and a fun crowd.