KC in NYC: Day 2

My call time wasn't until 1 PM so I decided to go for a jog. I wanted to check out the ticketing situation at the Met so I trekked through Central Park to the museum.

I think that jog in the park really made me fall in love with New York. Yeah, it's an oasis within a steel and concrete jungle, but it is that little bit of nature that perfectly balances the city life I love.
FYI on Met admissions: its donation based! There is a suggested donation, but what you end up donating is up to you. You could donate more or less depending on how much you want to support the museum.

After my jog and a $80 shopping spree later, it was time for work. We shot the episode at the New Amsterdam Theater. Everyone was absolutely wonderful. Kenton Duty from Shake It Up was a joy, and even the make up artist, Ronnie was delightful.

Me and Kenton Duty. Check out "Shake It Up" on Disney!
Best part of it all? I got to watch "Mary Poppins"! It was incredible. I hadn't seen the movie before and didn't realize how much social commentary it had. There was probably twenty set changes throughout the performance and the special effects were fun. I thought the dancing could have been tighter and stronger, but maybe I'm being too critical.

After our respective days of hard work (his probably harder) Harry and I went to a fantastic Cuban place in East Village called Cien Fuegos . I got these blue corn vegetable empanadas that were absolutely divine and a glass of Shiraz. Perfect ending to a perfect day.

YAY! My one and only day of work is over; now time for more play!