America's Got Talent: Week 11 Night 2

Immediately following my trip to New York I was booked to dance on the show, "America's Got Talent". I've been dancing as a back-up dancer for it for the past three summers now, but the weird thing about this is that the only time I've ever auditioned for it was the first year I danced on it in 2009. I think I've been able to continue working on the show because of the artistic director, Brian Friedman. Brian is one of the most influential people in the commercial dance industry, and has been a huge role model for me throughout my dance career. I started learning from Brian when I was 13 years old at the convention Company Dance, and we've kind of been on continuously crossing paths since then. I assisted him (and the rest of the faculty) for The Pulse Dance Convention in 2008-2009 when I was Elite Protege, and have worked on a multitude of projects with him including Ava's music video in 2009.
I am quite lucky to have a professional relationship with Brian, and about 70% of my jobs have been with him. There is no doubt in my mind that he was the one making the executive decisions regarding dancers for "America's Got Talent". His loyalty to me and his confidence in my abilities are encouraging.

I am also lucky that my boss at Versace is not only understanding but also supportive of my dance career. She let me take time off my internship so that I could rehearse on Monday and Tuesday and tape on Wednesday. I don't think any other internship would have allowed me to do this.

The choreographers for this results episode were Janelle Ginestra and Dejan Tubic. The two are an up and coming duo of young artists who are fun and full of personality. I really enjoyed working with them! The three days with them were great, but tiring. Tuesday was exceptionally difficult because I had my internship from 10-1PM right before rehearsal from 2-8PM and after rehearsal studied at Coral Tree Cafe from 9-11PM.

I feel really strongly about Youtube stars, but I'll keep my opinions to myself for now. I performed with Keenan Cahill and Rebecca Black (click on the names to watch the performances).

Performing "Friday"
Me and the Youtube Sensation herself, Rebecca Black

The dancers with Janelle and Dejan