Marie et Cie: Where You Can Find Me Every Wednesday

My internship as a VIP/PR Intern at Versace has been quite enjoyable. My boss, Jessica, is probably the coolest and well-dressed boss anyone could have. She lets me leave after I finish all my work and lately I've been done around 2 or 3. Not too shabby huh?

Ive been trecking over the hill to Marie Et Cie, an amazing gem of a coffee shop with lots of delicious goodies, amazing coffee, and ample study space. They have vegan sandwiches (YAY) and even a "Healthy Line" of muffins made of whole wheat flour and agave syrup including: Blueberry, Dark Chocolate, Banana Bran, etc. Today, I splurged for an Almond Apricot Muffin (Ill let you know how it goes). I spend my afternoons GMAT studying, then head to Debbie Reynolds or Millennium for a class.

I figured the drive from Westwood to NoHo at 5PM is way more treacherous than at 2PM. I might as well get over here early and enjoy a magnificent three hours of outdoor studying. And in today's case, a "healthy" muffin and an iced coffee.

Check out Marie Et Cie on Riverside and Colfax. Trust me. It's good.