Magazine and Newspaper Articles

It's fun to have things written about you, and even more fun to have them published somewhere. UCLA's newspaper, The Daily Bruin, wrote an article about me in 2010 after they found out that I was a "Vocal Adrenaline" dancer on "Glee".

Daily Bruin: A&E

To be honest I didn't think it was that big of a deal. Being on the show wasn't really the pinacle or the highlight of my career. It would've been a more interesting article if they had written about me touring with Willow and Bieber. Then again, that was only a year ago and I don't think they want to write about the same girl twice.

I also completely forgot that "Dance Spirit Magazine" wrote a little piece on me in 2009:

It felt awesome to be recognized by a national magazine. I mean, it's easy for news to travel around a college campus so I didn't think it was that crazy for someone in the "Daily Bruin" to find out about my dancing. But to be noticed and recognized out of the hundreds of thousands in the entire dance community? That's remarkable!