From Willow Smith to Boston Consulting Group

I'm currently in London, UK, but I'll take the time to rewind and go over some projects I've been lucky to do:

My amazing adventures with Willow Smith began in September of 2010, and I did not expect that my attendance at a small audition to turn in to a career experience of a lifetime.

I was finishing up with the Macy's Passport gig and hanging around in Los Angeles making sure that my apartment would be in order when my lease started. I hung out with my friend Merrick quite often and we would spend afternoons watching terrible television shows like The Kardashians. I distinctly remember the day when he showed me a youtube video of Will Smith's 9-year-old daughter who had a hit song that was going viral over the internet. "Cool," I thought to myself, "what a charismatic and brave kid." Shortly after Merrick introduced that "Whip My Hair" song, I received a call from my agent for an audition for Willow Smith. I had just gotten back from Macy's Passport in Minneapolis (or some other city), and was extremely tired. Since the call was for "young looking dancers," I could not decline it. I went despite my exhaustion.

The call was small, and I could tell that I was one of the few people over 18 at the audition. Long story short: I made it past the cuts, and so began my wonderful journey with the 10-year old star

In addition to the "Whip My Hair" music video, we performed on the Ellen show, NYC, at the LA tree lighting, and on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin'" Eve.

Starting in January I started receiving replies from the various internships I had applied for, including interview offers from Bain & Company and Boston Consulting Group. Preparations for those case interviews along with NSU rehearsals for Vibe Hip Hop Competitions made up most of my first month of the 2011 year.