First half of 2010

The year of the Ox started off with a nice Asian bang. Vietnamese to be exact.

Paris by Night
Paris by Night is a popular Vietnamese musical variety show including musical performances by modern pop stars, traditional folk song stars, and one-act skits. Most of the musical performances have background dancers and the routines are pretty extravagantly costumed and propped. I was a dancer, along with nine other asian or asian-looking dancers. Some of these included Taeko from Fysh and Chicks and Alexie Agdeppa who's sister I dance with on Entity.The choreographer, Shanda Sawyer, has an incredible ability to create visually stunning routines catered for the Vietnamese audiences, despite being non-Asian herself.

Disney 365: Kingdom Keepers III in Orlandao, FloridaPerhaps one of the funnest non-dance jobs I have done thus far is hosting for Disney 365. The episode introducing the book Kingdom Keepers III was shot at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The Disney Channel Star that I was interviewing was Good Luck Charlie's Jason Dolley. Being my first Disney 365, I was really nervous, but really excited. I got to play in the Magic Kingdom and stay at a nice hotel all on M3 Creative's dime. It was pretty awesome. Here's the link to the episode!

Glee: Another One Bites the DustThe next dance job I got called to do was for Brooke Lipton and Zach Woodlee for "Glee." I didn't even audition, but I think it was because Brooke and Zach both are familiar with me since I had taken class from them when I was younger (I was the Hollywood Connection national champion in 2005 and 2006). I was really thankful that Shayna and Pete submitted me because personal connections can only take you so far, and at the end of the day, the agent is the one who can make a job happen for her client. I quite enjoyed dancing for Brooke and Zach. They are articulate teachers and are really fun to dance with. Other dancers included: Kenny Wormald, Devin Jamieson, Devin Walker, Wesley Quinn, Hayley Roderick, Mike Riccio, etc. It was a really star studded cast, as far as dancers go. The episode was the "Funk" episode, and the dance we did was "Another One Bites the Dust".

Urban Paradise
At the end of March, I had the pleasure and honor of dancing in Damian Gomez's project for Urban Paradise, an annual dance showcase thrown by The Company/WSPA in San Francisco. Me, Aimee Lee Lucas, Catherine Damman, and Dmo danced in a number choreographed by Dmo. I stayed with him and his family for a night and got to hang out with him and all the Bay Area dancers. The show was held at the Palace of Fine Arts, and other performers included: GRV, SGBM, and CADC. I have a lot of respect for all the artists that participated in the show, and it was amazing to be a part of it.

Fusion 2010
The most memorable moment in my college career to date definitely was when NSU Modern received 2nd place at Fusion Hip Hop Competition held at UCSD. No team from UCLA has ever placed in the top 3 spots at a major dance competition, and we were the first to do it!! As a coordinator, I feel a lot of pressure to create good work for the team and to step up as a leader. I was really proud of NSU for its amazing work. Our Monster Set was incredible, and I am so happy that the team was finally recognized for its talents. I choreographed the opener and closer for the set, and I loved how everything turned out!

The first half of my summer was packed with summer school and crazy college kids. Dance was sprinkled in here and there, and I randomly got to dance on an episode of America's Got Talent with a kid rapper and a BMX tricker. Oddly enough, I hadn't made the audition for the gig because I had a midterm that day. One of the dancers didn't have a valid visa so she couldn't go through with the job. Luckily, I knew the choreographer/artistic director, Brian Friedman, and he called me in to replace her.