Dance Jobs from 2009

I recently realized how awful I've been about keeping track of the wonderful work opportunities I have experienced these past three years in LA. I have a journal, but it is filled with doodles and interesting quotes from books instead of recounts of the adventures that I have been on. Yeah, I have a pretty good memory and can recollect what I did two years ago. But what happens when I can't remember any more? Memories from as recent as high school have been pushed back in to the far corners of my mind, and I can barely remember what senior prom 2008 was like.

I'm going to start blogging detailed accounts of the jobs that I do for my own sake, and maybe you'll come along with me for the ride. As for the gigs that I did between 2008 and late 2010, I'll just have to give sparknote versions of what I can remember. I'll start with Freshmen year in college, because that is really when the world of dance and school started to collide.
"Crazy" Music Video and South Korea in May 2009":

Brian Friedman choreoeographed the "Crazy" music video for Korean pop star Lee Jung Hyun: ,
and then the six main dancers went to Korea for a week to perform with her on some television appearances. The makeup and hair they put on us every day was absolutely wonky:

And I ate quite a bit of Korean food:

I remember staying out really late but having to wake up super early the next morning because our call times were always something like 8AM or 9AM. Each performance day started off with a "make over", complete with shampoo and styling for the dancers' hair and then customized makeup. I was the youngest of six dancers and I had just turned 19 in March. Everyone else was slightly older, sans Victor Rojas, who is a veteran in the dance business. I felt honored to dance with them all, especially those that are reputable in the dance world.

Kristinia Debarge June 2009
The next job I did was dancing for musical artist Kristinia Debarge at some radio show in Rochester, New York. The choreographers were Tina Landon and Jason Myhre, and the other dancer was Aubree Storm. I love doing jobs with Aubree because I actually really enjoy her as a person. She has a spunky personality, and has a cultured head on her shoulders. Believe it or not, it is difficult to find people within the LA dance community who are talented at dancing and who are engaging intellects. Aubree represents a rare and dwindling population of dancers untainted by the glitz and glam of Los Angeles.

Tina has an incredible amount of experience in the dance industry. From Britney to Rihanna, her presence in the industry spans longer than I have even been dancing. It was also a great coincidence because I have worked with Jason before when he taught classes at Teen Dance Company. It was a strange coincidence that our paths would cross again, especially in these contexts. The trip to Rochester was short, and me and Aubree ended up finding some time to enjoy the lonely streets of the downtown neighborhood. Here are some pictures from the trip:

France 2009
In July 2009, my mom and I decided to take a trip to France. The purpose of the trip was not dance related, but it falls in between everything else and I think it's appropriate to mention it now so that it doesn't break the chronology of my entries. My mom is definitely one of my heroes, and really look up to her for guidance and inspiration. On some level, this trip was about our relationships: as a mother and daughter pair, and as friends.

Arkansas 2009
Keith Banks, the owner of Studio 10 in Cupertino, CA and an old dance teacher of mine, offered me a teaching job in Little Rock Arkansas in July. At first, I was very taken aback by the idea of traveling to the Bible Belt and teaching a group of kids very unlike myself. I ended up going anyways, and had a surprisingly wonderful time. Plus, the people in Arkansas really understood the concept of hospitality.

August through December of 2009 flew by, and I my life was busy with directing NSU Modern, rushing for Kappa Alpha Theta at UCLA, dancing for Boogiezone's Entity Contemporary Dance Company, and keeping up with school work. I did a small acting job for the show, "Gigantic" on Nickelodeon, but other than that, Fall Quarter of 2009 was very school and dance community oriented:

2009 was quite eventful, but that was only a taste of what my career as a student slash dancer was going to feel like in 2010.