This is my first blog! I don't know what I decided to create it now. Maybe it was the eventful day, or that I'm not in the mood to sleep. Regardless, I'm excited about what this blog could do for me. Essentially it is my digital diary... whoa that's weird.

I'm so tired, but for some reason I don't want to sleep. Many people share the same sentiment, but I think my case is extreme. I just don't want the day to end because I feel like our time on this planet is so short, I want to make the most of it. I don't want to waste it sleeping, because sleeping is such a useless activity. Obviously, it does our own body good, but how am I making a difference in the world when I sleep?

This is a really random photo to put up because it's last year's Christmas. I just really like it because my brother and I take very few nice pictures together. Our photos always end up being us making ugly faces or random things that my mom cringes at. Her cringing is definitely not a good sign.

Now that person there is a stand up guy, a being whom I admire and look up to. My brother has always been there for me, and has guided me through all sorts of weird patches in my life. The person I am today is a byproduct of his positive influences.

Well this has been fun, but 8:00 AM class and an audition as well as two rehearsals that will go until 2:00 AM in a location that is 1 hour away from my dorm means that I should get as much sleep as I can. 6 hours definitely won't be enough.